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Chess Piece roleplay *Silane and TimeMaster only*

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TimeMaster of the Spirits

It was a glorious day in the kingdom of Dalv and in the capital, New Dalv City, it was the usual hustle and bustle that the metropolis went through everyday. If anyone had noticed a candy red Ford Deuce, with the top down, rolled by on its way to the castle that housed the royal family, more so the king and his son the prince, to bring a guest that would be staying with them for a few weeks. In the car were two ghosts, one obviously the driver and the other a young woman with fiery ice blue eyes, royal blue lion mane-like hair, and light gray skin wearing a beautiful strapless maroon dress with separate matching sleeves with a skin-tight bodice covered with intricate silver designs with a flowing floor-length skirt with an underskirt underneath it. In her hair was a small tiara with an smooth oval-shaped black stone that glittered in the warm sunlight.
A while later, the transportation was traveling down a road that led to the castle had slowed when it approached the gates and stopped as two guards came to it. One approached the driver side, stared down at the chauffeur and asked, "What business do you have here today?""Bringing the princess of Purgatory here," the vehicle operator answered with the same line he used every time he brought her here from the parallel dimension. Knowing who it was, the soldier signaled for the iron entrance to be opened and added, "Alright, pull on through."
When the path was clear the Ford rumbled past and a few minutes later was parking in front of the doors of the palace, where Sir Skulker was paitently waiting for the arrival of the two. When the engine was shut off he quickly went down the steps, over to the passenger side of the car and opened the door and helped Nyreena Dark, crown princess of the realm of Purgatory, out. After closing the door behind her he said, "Hey, Nyreena, long time no see! It certainly has been longer than usual for your visits."
"Yeah, I know," she replied. "I had to deal with some issues, most of it was with my stepbrother as always, but it's all settled with now so it was a definite sign for a vacation."
"Well, we're all glad you're back," the ghostly knight told his friend, leading her up and past the giant double doors that were opened while her luggage was being carried inside.

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