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Short Stories!

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1 Short Stories! on Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:26 pm


I'll start.


The forest was still, silent and dark. A low, mournful cry broke the silence, though not the mood. A light she-wolf stood in a small clearing. As she lifted her head and released another mournful cry. She hoped, beyond all hope, that someone, anyone would answer. Silence. Pure and utter silence was her only answer. She bowed her head in despair. The wolf had been searching for a friend, a companion, for a vary long time. She snapped her head up at a speed that was painful to watch. There it was! A sound! A cry, just as mournful as hers, over the horizon! She ran. She ran to the sound as if her life depended on it, her body flowing like liquid across the forest floor. It felt had like a lifetime, but she finally came to a small valley. The valley was centered around a small lake. Animals like deer and elk grazed along its banks. It was a paradise, but it felt lonely. There by the lake sat a dark russet colored wolf. He lifted his head and sang a song of sorrow and loneliness. It was a soul shattering sound, so faloor it would make anyone want to cry along with him. A howl answered his from just behind him causing him to jump. Before him was the most beautiful she-wolf he had ever lain eyes on. But he also say what she did not see. Towering Behind the Soon colored she wolf was a large bear. the Russet wolf lunged forward and sprinted at her as fast as he ever had in his life. She ducked, confused, thinking that he would attack her! She soon knew why as the bear bore down on her. She yelped and cried out, but then, he was there, all teeth and claws and dark fur. He latched onto the bear, refusing to let go, regardless of the punishment he was dealt. The large bear thrashed and bellowed, trying to rid himself of the infuriated wolf. The bear darted into the trees with the wolf still attached. The sound of the Bear bellowing was fallowed by the sound of the wolf's yelp. Then silence. Sickening silence. He died for her, she thought. She sunk to the ground and placed her head on her paws. She must have sat like that for hours. The sun was peeking over the horizon when he Russet wolf dragged himself from the treeline. The dragging sound grabbed the forlorn wolf's attention. Springing to her feet and ran to the bloody form. He was alive! Bloody, but alive! That morning they watched the sun rise over the lake, leaning heavily against each other. They lived there, In the valley, for many years. They raised a family and sired a proud pack. Every night they would sit by the lake and watch the moon. It was a night much like that fateful night many years ago when he found himself alone by the lake. She had left him less an a moon cycle ago. His years where showing, hiss muzzle gray, his coat shaggy and his eyes glossy. He whined. He missed her, she was his everything, his life. And now she was gone, leaving in her wake a soul shattering loneliness he had felt only once before. He stared at the water watching the mist, listening to the sounds of night, and his children and grandchildren in the valley around him. There! Something was moving across the surface of the lake. He knew he as old but he was still sharp. It was her! She was walking on the water! The she wolf lifted her head and howled. It was faint, a howl on the wind. She looked radiant, the years were gone from her, leaving the aperence that she was made of moonlight. Lifting her head again in a song of joy as she beckoned to him. He jumped up so hard, and so fast, he felt he must have jumped out of his own skin. In a sense, he had. His body lay there, old and gray. He stared down at it for a time, before turning to her. He ran to her, yipping for joy. They danced on the lake, and the two never were parted again. Not in this life or the next. Some say you can still see them, dancing in the mist on the lake. Always together, always happy.

cross my heart I hope you die XD

"Shippo, your village just called. They said they were looking for their idiot." -inuyasha

twinkle twinkle little star
i want to hit you with a car
throw you off a tree so high
hope you brake your neck and die

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