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A Story About Shifters. Private RolePlay For aarchul1 and WolfSpirit1094.

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This is a private RolePlay for aarchul1 and WolfSpirit1094 please don't post in this RP unless given permission by aarchul1 or WolfSpirit1094.


  Looking through a foggy window in the dead of the night makes me think of my past. I was born in 1896 with the name Damion Collins which would make me 118 years old today. I have gone through hell and back and write to keep my memories alive, keeping not only the good memories but the bad as well. Rosemary Collins was my mother, such an evil spirit. I believe I take after her some days, which I think is what brought me to this place I am now.
     Rosemary Collins was the most craziest witch of the early 1900's. My mother was born in 1879 to the most powerful witches of the time. They had left her at the doorsteps of the Collins family to protect her. She was raised not knowing about her birth parents or witch powers. She was popular and rich from her adopted family's name. When she turned 18 she was well known in the town of Raideric Falls, Wisconsin as the Mayors wife. She always complained how she was beat to hell by him but she held her pride to much to leave. Sad story but anyway she got pregnant with me in 1895 with a man she secretly fell in love with named Fredrick Salvador. The Mayor was ferocious to see his wife had cheated on him that he hired a hit man to take out my father. I never got the chance to meet him and I believe that's what drove my mom mad but she named me after the Collins to keep the family's inheritance. I later found out Rosemary went to the Mayor after the death of Fredrick and was so ferrous that she had set him on fire with her hands, which she had covered up as a freak accident. This was her first power she had ever used and she was scared out of her mind. My mom was five months pregnant with me at the time she had found out she was not human. I remember when I was only five years old my mother was driving herself mad trying to find out what she was. Her adopted parents had past not to long before she became pregnant with me so she didn't know how to find out about where she came from. She knew she was adopted but that was about it. I wasn't much paid attention to by my mother during my childhood. She had hired different women to take care of me. In fact the only time I truly saw her she just yelled and blamed me for everything that went wrong. I saw my mothers powers everyday growing up and she made me promise not to tell anyone or she would be taken away from me. As I watched my mother burn my skin when she was mad, or hide in her room crying all night smelling like alcohol; I couldn't help love her more than anything. There where different men over a lot of the times, I just locked myself in my room and was considered a loner during my early school years. I remember one Christmas Eve night when I was eight years old, this strange man came to our door and that's when we learned the truth about what my mother was.

As I sat there that cold night of Christmas Eve watching through the window at the happy families celebrating, I couldn't help but feel total emptiness. There was a knock on the door that night, a man dressed in an older outfit. He asked if my mother was home and I told him that she should be back any minute. I invited him in and he just kept staring at me with a funny look on his face. I asked him why he was dressed different and he said it was an outfit passed down to him from his father. When my mother came in, smelling like alcohol and tripping over the carpet, the man greeted her. She looked at him with a startled look and demanded he leave. "Wait, the man said, I am not here to harm you, I am Gregory Osborn, your father," the man replied to my mother.
I remember then my mother breaking down and looking at him like he was a ghost. He told us everything about what he was and what my mother was. He explained how him and her mother gave her to the Collins to keep her safe from the vampires. He also had told us that her birth mother was killed recently and that he had to come make sure his daughter was still alive. Life became much better after my grandfather found us. I remember him teaching me about the past of this town and all the creatures in it. In high school I became more sketchy to folks. I studied everything and read almost every book around. My grandfather would take me to see different things and learn about everything around us. I didn't realize then that when I turn eighteen, my life would change forever.

I never really thought of death being the quickest thing to occur in my life. As I lay there on those cliffs that cold winter night all I could think of was the thought of hot chocolate and a warm fire. Taking It back a notch, I remember my fatal eighteen birthday just like it was yesterday. I had a lot of close buddies during my high school years and my eighteenth birthday wasn't just going to be a quite one for me. As I headed to class that Monday morning I thought to myself this is going to be the sweetest party ever. Of course it was suppose to be a surprise but my best friend AJ spilled it to me last week. They were going to throw me a surprise party at the Lakewood falls that night. Jessica Right was my girl at this time. She was the sweetest thing, I remember writing letters to each other, as this was way back when computers or phones didn't exist. She always was there for me even when my mom would show up drunk, Jess would comfort me. I never told anyone of my family's secret as I promised my grandfather. He had told me if I came clean to anyone the town wouldn't think twice about killing my mother. Witches where not welcome in this town at the time, we had to hide everything. I was just thankful I turned out to be a normal human being at that time. Not thinking that night would change me into the monster I am today. When the clock hit six AJ and I headed to the falls. I remember the snow hit hard when we where on our way. Jessica had a cabin up there where the surprise was going to happen. When I walked in I was greeted loudly by everyone. Jessica hugged me so tight and told me this would be a night to remember. We all had been drinking and enjoying the loud noise from the record player for awhile. After everyone but AJ, Jessica, and I left, AJ came up with the most stupidest idea that we would go to the cliffs near by and try and climb down to the hidden caves. Well, being only eighteen and crazy we all agreed and headed toward the cliffs. I remember my mother told me years back to stay away from the cliffs, as they where a place where the evil hid. I just thought she was a whack job taking nonsense. As we got to the cliffs I heard a scream coming from inside the woods. As I looked at Jessica in a startled face, she has asked me what was wrong. They had heard nothing and thought I was just to drunk. All I could remember that happened after that was awakening by my mother. I was laying at the bottom of the cliffs bleeding out. My mothers voice was getting weaker as I remember my heart beat stopping. I then woke back up feeling power in me, I wasn't drunk, nor dead. I was completely alive and feeling incredible. I asked my mother what was going on. She has told me don't worry you are safe now. I remember asking her where AJ and Jessica where. As she had the saddest look on her face, she replied that it was too late for them. I got up freaking out as I saw the two people in my life who met everything to me fade away. There bodies where there one minute, and gone the next. I asked my mother what happened to us. She had told me that there was something evil that must have drove us off that cliff. I had wondered how she knew where I was and what had happened. I thought to myself it must have been her powers that sensed me. I remember my grandpa came to hide the bodies of my friends. My mother had told me that we couldn't have any suspicion towards our family. She demanded I'd go to school that next day and tell everyone that I, AJ and Jessica left right after everyone else. I also put in a notice to the school that I was moving to Cherry Creek, Nebraska. My mother had told me it was best wed move and not look back. That someday we could return to Raideric Falls but for now wed let the past be forgotten.

I have been through so much in the last 100 years, but I will get to that later. Today marks my one hundredth and eighteenth birthday. The day I return to Raideric Falls. If you where to take a look at me, you would see a normal eighteen year old man. I have not aged a day since my eighteenth birthday. I never thought the day would come that I'd return to this town. I came to stay with my uncle who had lived in our families mansion since the early 1900's. I decided that I would need to start the college life here to not blow my cover. All I wanted to do was be normal again, I had become something unexplainable. I was turned into a creature I would be forever. When my mother had turned me that night I died one hundred years ago, It took me this long to be able to truly control myself and act like a normal human. I will be starting college this week and I am hoping for a better future.

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Name: Van Hanschen DeKavega
Nickname: Hans
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Human Description: Tall, slender, toned, pale. Steel Blue eyes and black hair that fades slightly at the ends to grey. His hair is shoulder length and naturally wavy and wears reading glasses although recently hasn't really had a need for them.
Animal: Grey Wolf
Animal Description: Black saddle and prominent face markings with silver accent that fades at the stomach tail tip and paws. Has the same Steel Blue eyes and is larger than typical wolves.


Hello, my name is Van Hanschen DeKavega... or Hans for short. I transfered here to Raideric Falls, Wisconsin just a few months ago. It's a long story, but to shorten things up about a year prior I discovered I was different. I had a unique ability to change shape and I still haven't figured out how to control this strange gift. It had caused many problems in my family back in Hildesheim (Germany) and now here I am, starting a new life in America at a new college.

  I suppose I should be a little more in depth with my situation now that registration is out of the way. Sometime during the years prior I had come to America to tour the college of my dreams; Torveir University. I was sure to pass the entrance exams and get in, but after months of pleading my doting mother finally convinced me to remain in Hildesheim for school. Ever since we had that strange run-in with a rather mad woman who claimed to be some sort of a witch during the trip to Torveir, she had a fear of America and was convinced that I would turn into some sort of zombie if I returned. In a way I suppose her fear was justified because now I have found myself once again in Raideric Falls, searching for the witch who cursed me to be what I am now. In doing so I hope to somehow get her to free me of it, but with my lack of control of this curse and her unknown powers there's really no planning for something like this.
  Well, on the upside of all this craziness, I am indeed now attending Torveir University having passed the entrance exams as I knew I would. I am a double major in Computer Science and Psychology. My only regret is that I am not currently here explicitly for my schooling, but I hold on to the hope that I can hasten to the end of this nightmare in order to bring my schooling to the forefront of my attention.
Tomorrow I will begin my classes and my search. May I be successful in both.

The beginning:

Hans was walking down the hallway toward the first class of his day, History. He knew that today would only be a bunch of introductory nonsense and class building stuff. He sighed as his mind wandered back to the events of last night. with his short time spent with the curse and trying to understand it, he had come to realize that the best way to control his animal side was to satisfy it before it realized it needed something. In this sense he frequently took runs through parts of the forest where people normally never visited. He also hunted in these parts for small game just to satisfy the need for the thrill. He had been caught unaware by the ground trap that had caught his right paw. He didn't know how long he had been laying there caught in the trap, but it seemed an eternity before a strange man came along. Was this man the hunter who had laid the trap come back to check for what he had caught. He growled menacingly, unable to defend himself but hoping his warning would be enough, but something felt different about this stranger. Something was off, however, when the stranger came closer and Hans was able to see him clearly, he was obviously no hunter. He was dressed in finer clothes making Hans wonder why he would be all the way out here at this time of night. He stopped growling and pinned his ears back as the man knelt down to the trap and pulled it open. Immediately, he withdrew his paw and escaped into the brush on three legs.
  His mind returned to the present as he entered the classroom and found a seat. After a few minutes and the rest of the class somberly filtering in, the teacher began his introduction to the class. Suddenly a strange feeling washed over him. It was the same strange feeling that he felt last night when the stranger appeared. He lifted the sleeve to his jacket and looked over the bandage that wrapped the entirety of his right wrist. Then he searched the faces in the room. He gasped and turned quickly back to the front when his eyes landed on the same face that he saw last night. He shook his head, feeling a little ridiculous. How could he even know that the wolf he had freed that night was in fact this classmate of his. He settled back in to his seat then and attempted to listen to the teacher's bland speech.

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I am starting college today and I couldn't be more thrilled. As I looked at everyone the style has truly changed in Raideric since I was in high school. These women wearing short skirts and tight shirts was insane to me. As I headed towards my history class I had the strangest feeling. The same feeling as I had the night before.
Last night was pretty crazy because I never thought there would be another shape shifter here in this town. Sure enough, as I was walking through the woods catching some squirrel to crave my thirst, I had the strangest feeling. It was sort of a call in my head saying to head towards the old cabin where I had passed years back. I started to smell something, a human? No.. Something stronger than that.. a wolf? It couldn't be.. I thought while I was walking towards the cabin that there would be something dead.. but no as I see this wolf crying for help.. I felt the pain he was feeling for an instant. I hurried and set him free from the trap. I didn't even get a chance to tell him I was like him, he ran fast before I even got to make sure he was ok!
As I walked in the class room I had saw this young man and I had the same feeling.. could it be the same wolf from last night? OR where there more of us....

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