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Blackened Hearts, Undying Love *For TimeMaster of the Spirits and WolfSpirit 1094* Private!

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TimeMaster of the Spirits

(Beginning of the rp.)

One crystal clear night after the sun went down, a young woman was running across the rooftops of the city, searching out her intended target: rouge and/or evil vampires that ran the crime syndicate of the area. As she continued her trek, something told her to stop and look below. When her vision snapped below, she saw what stopped her. It was a rouge who was attacking a young girl not more than 15, draining her of every last drop of blood in her. He didn't even hear the woman as she silently landed behind them.

"My, my," she said startling him. "I hope this isn't what I think it is."

The rouge whipped around, growled in fury, then ran toward her, aiming to destroy her. Quickly and efficiently, she drw her sword and stabbed him in the heart, completely ashing him into nothing.

"Too easy," she thought, sheathing her sword then checking on the girl.

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Pierce trudged by the mouth of the alley sleepily. He had just finished with an essay, 15 pages long, that was due the next day. He glanced down the alley as he walked by and saw the woman crouched by another, seemingly lifeless, body. At first the sight didn't register in his overworked mind, but Pierce stopped and retraced a couple steps to see if his sleepy state was decieving him. Being re-assured of what he saw by the same sight he felt all fatigue drain as he jogged unsuredly down toward the two figures.

He asked hesitantly, slowing as he got closer
"Is everything alright here?"

TimeMaster of the Spirits

The girl looked up, her hand instantly reaching for her sword for protection, then relaxed a little seeing him just inquiring about the girl that was attacked.

"Yes, everything is all right. I just found her this way, and was just examining her when you appeared."

As she spoke, something in her mind was telling her that this boy was not all what he seemed.


Pierce sullenly eyed the hilt of her sword for just a half a second then looked back up at her.

"Do you need me to call someone or... is someone on the way?..." He asked awkwardly reaching into his pocket for his cellphone.

An odd air floated around that made him feel more uncomfortable then he had been in a long time.

A gust blew as Angel stood at the rooftop silently and unnoticed, watching the goings-on below in distaste. At the same time she felt a familiar rush in her heart.

'Finally I have found you...,' she thought to herself

TimeMaster of the Spirits

“I think it would be necessary,” the girl replied. “Would you mind? I don’t have a phone on me.”

An alarm went off inside her mind, and she instantly looked around, hoping to detect who or what was there that wasn’t supposed to be there.

“Where are you?,” she whispered under her breath.


Pierce began to dial and paused when he heard her whisper something that he didn't quite catch. He dismissed it and dialed the last couple numbers.

He gave the ambulance the location of where they were but could give the EMT little information on the incident itself when she asked questions. He also felt that he wasn't getting the truth about what had actually happened himself.

"Alright, they are on their way here." He told the woman, and soon after sirens sounded in the city. He pretended not to hear them, due to the fact that they were too far away for human ears to hear at the time.

The only thing that gave Angel life, was her hair. The breeze tossed it from side to side as it changed direction. However, her body and eyes, were like that of a gargoyle's. Her arms crossed and her eyes starring iron-clad down below.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Thanks," the girl replied, hearing the sirens also but didn't show it.

After still looking for a few minutes, her eyes snapped up for a brief second, saw Angel, looked away before the sight registered in her mind, then snapped her head up her head up into Angel's direction.

"So you're the one that sent my senses off," she called up. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"


Pierce looked up as well but couldn't quite make out who it was.

Angel closed her eyes and smirked crookedly. She chuckled, then reopened her eyes, bringing her arm straight out infront of her. She held something between her pointer finger and her thumb. It was a small red capsule.

At that moment Pierce realized who she was even though her face had no features to it in the dark. Almost instinctively he swept back the side of his white "pleather" jacket and dug into his pocket. He paused,

"Oh, no. I don't have any with me!" He exclaimed in demise.

Angel released the capsule and it began it's descent, heading straight for the girl.

"Don't touch it!" Pierce yelled.
He ran and dove for her, knocking her out of the way. Both dodging it rather un-gracefully. Pierce jumped back to his feet immediately and looked up where Angel had been, she was gone.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"What the-," the girl started to say, but she was cut off as Pierce knocked her out of the way of the capsule.

After he jumped up, she leaned up, shook her head a bit and said, "Okay, I'm thanking you for the save. but I'm asking why that it was necessary."

At the same time, a young man in a mix of 19th century to today's modern clothing had watched Angel drop the capsule and heard Pierce push the girl out of the way. He chuckled a bit under his breath, then watched Angel blow out as quickly as she arrived.


Pierce heard a sizzling where the capsule had landed and looked down at a bubbling, steaming patch of concrete. It was like acid eating metal, only accelerated by a couple tens of times. He walked slowly up to it as the fizzing dispersed and crouched downn to see a black cross burnt into the ground.

"I'm sorry but it is better if you don't know that right now," he confessed apologetically as he took a long swab from another pocket and whipped the cross briskly then put it in a protective tube and then back into his pocket. He stood and turned back to her.

The sirens drew nearer, "they are nearly here... you'll be safe to wait here now, then i suggest you have them take you home."
He turned and started down the alley, the opposite way that he had entered from.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"I know my way home, thank you," the girl told him as she watched him wipe up the cross. "Besides, I hate ambulances anyway. Too noisy and too much stress they put on you when you're the one riding along."

After Pierce left, she moved over to where the cross was and inspected the ground. As she stood up, the ambulance arrived and two EMTs jumped out with a stretcher, who quickly went over to the younger girl, loaded her up onto the gurney, and into the truck. One of them asked the other girl if she would come along, but was declined. After they got into the emergency vehicle and drove off, ghe girl then flew up to the roof of the building she came off of and headed back into the direction she came.


Pierce sensed another person as he walked. He immediately looked to the roof top of the building he was walking along to see the firl he had met in the alley. He sighed,

'I told her to get a ride...' he thought aggitatedly to himself.

He started into a rather annoyed run and turned sharply down the next alley. He watched the roof and jumped up onto it in the middle and, just as he thought, met her face to face. His expression showed his aggitation with her. He turned away from her without a word, then finally spoke,

"I didn't tell you to get a ride because I doubted your navigational abilities...," he said bitterly, starring ahead of himself. A much larger figure than both of them stood at the end of the next roof. This one had no hair for the wind to toss, but an overcoat that blew almost noiselessly, unlike normal leather-wear.

"If you want answers you must follow my directions... or should I say, if you want to live." He told her, glancing back at her out of the corner of his eye.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Trust me, the last thing I worry about is living," the girl replied. "Lead on, then."

The young man who was watching Angel waas watching them now from a safe distance so that he would be able to continue his little "expedition". He had also seen the other man and studied him quite intently.


"First off, I have some company to take care of..." As Pierce spoke he took something out of his pocket when the figure on the other roof started toward them.

Pierce held up the item he took out of his pocket. It was another capsule. Not unlike the one Angel had before, except that it was blue. Seeing it, the figure stopped.

Pierce threw the capsule at him. It landed right infront of the guy and made a great blue-tinted cloud.

"Now! Come on!" He yelled under his breath. He ran down the roof and jumped down onto the sidewalk, landing gracefully. He ran over to a door in the back of the building and went inside after the girl.

Holden crouched down near the broken capsule. It didn't begin to burn into the roof, so he slowly reached toward the small blue puddle. When he stuck his finger in it and nothing happened, he took it and rubbed it between his fingers. He stood as a low growl sounded deep in his throat, then he seemed to disappear altogether.

Pierce sighed, "before I tell you anything," he paused, "I need to know a bit about you... like your name, for starters, and whether or not I can trust you." He told her rather bluntly.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Alright, then," the girl replied. "My name is Nyreena Dark, and for now, I'm the best thing you can trust. You see, the reason that I was with the girl was that she was attacked by a rouge vampire and I had just released him from his evil and corrupted eternity when you arrived."

She inhaled a breath of air, exhaled, then continued,

"Now, it's your turn to tell me who you are and whether or not I can trust you."


"Fair enough, My name is Pierce Celtric. I am the last living Irish vampire on this Earth." As he spoke his accent clearly showed this.
"The rest of them were killed by the two who are now hunting you. Their names are Angel and Holden Carlile, their father Edmond Carlile is the one responsible for the disappearance of the oldest living vampire in existnace. The two have grown to hate the very things they are... immortals. What I really want to know about you... is why they are so set on being rid of you before they continue their massacre."

He stopped and thought, then pulled the protective tube with the swab soaked red at the tip in it, out from earlier and held it up for Nyreena to see.

"This is a very powerful weapon of theirs. It is enchanted with the cruxifix curse. You have seen it burn into the concrete. It burns until it enters your blood stream and a few days later the curse itself begins. The capsule I had was a failed counter. I work on the board and was hired for this very purpose, making the counter, that leaves it completely harmless when combined with it...," he closed his eyes, "unfortunately there is something missing... one piece of the puzzle that I have overlooked..." He looked toward the ground gloomily.

He clenched his hand over the tube "and this... so many lives depend on... me."

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Well, to answer your question, the probable reason that this 'Angel' was hunting me is that I'm a ghost, an immortal," Nyreena replied, the small whitish glow around her starting to shine a little bit brighter. "And I might be able to help with your problem. I have a superb gift in chemistry, and maybe together we can find the missing link."


Pierce blinked at her a few moments then allowed a sly and crooked smile to snake across his face.

"Alright then...," he began holding out a hand for her to shake, "no contract required, partners?" He asked.
"I watch your back, you watch mine."

TimeMaster of the Spirits

Nyreena gave it a bit of thought, her ice blue eyes glimmering all the while.

"So, does this mean that I'll have your word that we won't double-cross one another, to work together for the common good, and to always tell the other the truth?," she asked hoping to clarify a few things that came across while she thought it over.


Pierce paused at what she said, "to always tell the other the truth." The words rang through his head over and over as he thought about his past. How could he tell her, this perfect stranger, about it if she asked?

After a few moments, he sighed.
'Well I don't think she would ask someone she just met a personal question like that...,' he thought to himself as he nodded.

"Always," he agreed conclusively, his bright emerald eyes stared back into Nyreena's.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Very well, then," Nyreena replied, taking and shaking Pierce's hand. "When shall we get started, partner?"

Meanwhile, a young man with brown hair tied back into a ponytail and beautiful blood-red maroon eyes was walking down the street where the building in which Nyreena and Pierce were in, whistling a little tune, unbeknowing of what was going on.


"The sooner the better," Pierce admitted, walking over to a metal door with fogged windows. Across the glass of the door was the word "RESTRICTED" bolded and red. He dug into his shirt and pulled off a necklace that had two keys on it. One was slver and the other gold. He used the silver one to partially unlcok the door. His thumbprint was required to get the rest of the way through. He pressed it against a seemingly non-existant pad above the doorknob. It flashed green then swung silently open. He walked in and up to a bench that had cylinders, measuring tools, and papers spread orderly across it. On the wall there were photographs of victims. There, hung belts rounded with the same type of blue capsule Pierce had used just earlier. The photos were in many columns, covering most the walls. Each column seemed to be of the same victim, however, not all columns touched floor to cieling. Many, in fact most, started with a picture of a bloody cross seeming to have been burned into the victims skin. These were also all immortals. There were few others that were recent human attacks with just photo's of the victim's bite-mark and lifeless bodies.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Whoah," Nyreena said, looking around. "It feels like I'm in a CSI lab, this is so cool."

The young man had then urned onto the alley where everything began, quickly gaught the scent of death, and began investigating the area. He could sense that the rouge was killed by the hunter because he smelled the human blood that was spilt, but he also could detect the hint of the cruxifix curse still in the ground. He immediately headed back out of the alley and back to the building he passed by a while back and entered through a back way he used and entered the room where Pierce and Nyreena were in.

"Pierce, I hope you know that there was a cruxifix curse dropped where a rouge was killed," Prince Dominike Crovin told the Irish vampire. "What happened? I want to hear the whole story."


Pierce, as if he wasn't slightly paranoid enough. startled at the unexpected visitor. He turned quickly on his heal and grasped, readily, in his hands were two very unusual looking Sais. It was as if they came out of nowhere. They were made of bone and two more small spears came off the main blade.

"Who are you? How do you know my name?" He demanded quickly pointing his Sais at the intruder.
He eyed the man closer, "of course I did... what does it matter to you?" He growled.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Figured that you wouldn't recognize a member of the Court," Dominike said, instinctively going for his Lardicreu, or a simple sword with a blade shaped like a Greek lightning bolt, then dropping his hand.

He then shrugged off his trench-like overcoat and revealed that was wearing a regal-like outfit but the style was modern so that it wouldn't stand out in a crowd.

"Prince Dominike Crovin. Crown Prince," he introduced himself. "I know your name because you are well known with the Board and currently working on a counter curse to negate the effects of a cruxnix curse."

Then he looked over at Nyreena for the first time then asked Pierce, "Who's this? I really didn't take you to need help in this type of manner."

"Hey, just to let you know, I volunteered to help him on this," Nyreena told him. "The reason why is that the curse was intented for me."

"You?," Dominike asked. "But you can't possibly be an immortal."

"But I am," she said, holding up her left hand , which was glowing. "A ghost who has seen many changes to this world."


Pierce went slightly rigid at the mention of who this man was. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end, and he drew back his weapons. He gave him a rather stiff bow.

"My apologies sir Dominike," he began, still bowing, " I have been on edge all evening and did not recognize you. Please forgive me."

He straightened up, " I agree, I should have been done with this long ago. I didn't think I would need help either believe me..."
He went silent.

A woman sat on a park bench on the side of a very wide stone pathway. Either side of the path was heavily wooded and the moonlight was very luminous. A slight wind blew through the trees, tossing her short chopped hair infront of her face. She brushed as much of it behind her ear as she could.

She sat lazily with her elbows rested on top of the back of the bench and her legs crossed.

The leaves rustled behind her. She put her head back on the top of the bench, looking non-challantly through the trees behind her and sighed.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Then it's a good thing help came along when it did," Dominike said, pointing Nyreena out. "The more, the better."

"Hey, just because I volunteered to help simply because two crazy vampires want to destroy all eternal beings that don't deserve to be killed need to be stopped," Nyreena told both of them. "That doesn't mean I should be treated simply as help."

The young man who was watching Angel and Holden was now watching the woman, simply observing and noting what exactly was needed for his super-master plan for global domination.


Pierce looked at Nyreena with a blank expression.

"I apologize for our termage but, really, you don't know how greatful I am to you," he reassured her now very seriously.

Suddenly a lightbulb seemed to turn on in his head. He looked up at a clock above the door they had entered through.
He startled suddenly as there was a rather loud clatter on the window just above his work bench.
He glanced at Nyreena then Dominike and walked slowly, very slowly, toward the shuttered window.

A few dull flashes of white and more clattering made Pierce tense. He pointed one of his sais at the window. Finally, he drew near and tore open the shutters.
He immediately relaxed with a sigh and a roll of the eyes, dropping his sai down onto his bench carelessly. He slid the window open with a bang and a white and red owl flapped inside. It had a round, flat face and big black eyes. It held a small piece of paper clamped gently in it's beak.

"Suki. You gave me a bloody heart attack you ruddy bird!"

The bird flapped and shook it's head, dropping the piece of paper right before Pierce.
He picked it up and unfolded it once. He scanned it quickly and glanced back over his shoulder at his company. He then snatched up a pen and scrawled something under neath words that read;

I am not to wait all night.

"Now get out of here you blighter," Pierce demanded as he folded it and shoved it back into the birds beak.
It took the paper with furiously flapping wings, then turned and bounded out the window and flew off into the night.

Pierce leant out the window slightly, watching the owl until it was out of sight then, closing the window behind him, turned back to Nyreena and Dominike.

There was a mighty crack of underbrush making the woman open her eyes.
She blinked at the trees behind her again and heard more rustling, something was going on back there. She brought her head back up, yawning and stretching, and when she was done, walked casually into the trees.
She walked for a few moments before stealthily ducking behind a tree, right before a clearing. The sight she saw made her heart beat faster then normal and her breathing grew heavy.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"I understand," Nyreena said, giving Pierce a smile.

Of course, she nearly jumped out of her skin as the clatter came to the window. When Pierce had opened the window to let the owl in, she was amazed at how beautiful it was. After it was sent out and the window was closed, Dominike asked what Nyreena was going to ask, "What was that all about?"

The young man watching the woman decided to then inact his evil scheme. "Excuse me, ma'mn," he asked. "You wouldn't happen to be Chance Austin, would you?"


Pierce returned her smile.

"A friend...just talking," he said noticably hesitantly.

"Shhh," Chance hissed, shooting the stranger a piercing glare over her shoulder. She leant just barely enough to see around the tree.
In the clearing ahead she could see both Holden and Angel kneeling to a figure standing casually on a gravestone in the middle of the clearing. She couldn't see his face, he was turned away from her, but he wore a red croc-skin overcoat and had short, spiked, greasy, black hair. he was speaking coldly to them, in a disapproving tone.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Okay, then," Dominike replied. "Moving on. What's your status so far?"

The young man glared at her before peering around the tree and seeing the scene unfold. And he was not liking it. "So those are the two that turned on their kind," he very quietly muttered. "And him. He's the worst of all. I guess I'll have some...housekeeping before I begin my master scheme."


Pierce paused in thought, "well... I used to be head of Oposition defenses and research, but i've been in a little trouble recently and was demoted a bit...," he admitted looking anywhere but into their eyes.

The figure in red began to speak louder, his fuery seeming to rise.
"You will no longer be working alone, since you can't seem to get anything done that way," he roared.

Holden and Angel stayed as still as the gravestone in front of them, starring at the ground in humiliation.

The man continued, "I have sent for some backup...," he paused, and glanced backward with full black eyes.
"More like, you will be THEIR backup," he corrected himself, looking forward once again.

'Dang...more? Who could possibly be worse than those two?' Chance thought to herself, distastefully. She seemed to be frozen to the spot and her eyes to the scene ahead.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

The young man's eyes narrowed as he silenty made his way around to the back of the man in red, at the same time conjuring a spell that would make his voice sound lowder than normal. When he reached a speccific spot, and with the effect of the spell, he cried, "Traitors to the Court! Slayers of your own kind! Do not count yourselves lucky, for by meeting with me, you have met your end!"

"I know what happened to you and your rank," Dominike replied. "I meant by what is your status with the capsules?"


In seconds both Holden and Angel were on their feet and starring, deathly, at the intruder. Then came a hollow, icy chuckle.

"Is that so?" The man in red managed sarcastically between his chuckling. He turned.

Chance let herself gasp as she looked upon the pale face of Lucepheros, the son of Mephastophileas, the devil.
He was smiling in sick amusement.

"I have not time for your squabs, I'm expecting company," Lucepheros anounced to the mystery man thenglanced over his shoulder.
"Speaking of which."

As he spoke two figures walked out from either side of the gaint oak tree that loomed, now, behind him and the gravestone he stood upon.
They walked rather formally and stiffly. One was a plae boy with a very faint blue tint to his skin. The other was a girl that was also pale, but looked sunburnt as she had a reddish tint.
Everything about the boy seemed cold, the way he dressed, his piercing Cyan eyes, his stiff as ice, blue hair, but his expression was rather warm and welcoming.
The girl was quite the opposite, however, she seemed to be able to mealt anything at the slightest touch. To her blazoned flowing hair, her scant clothing, and deadly, sinister scarlet eyes. Her expression, on the other hand, was cold and empty.
Both looked to have just recently met 15.

"Oh...yeah," Pierce said forcing a weak smile.
He turned back to his work bench and took a diagnostic sheet off of it and handed it to Dominike.

"The capsules, both of them, require a complex strand of DNA. As it shows on the diagnostic there is a gap. Whatever goes there... is the most vital part of it. Without this part it renders the whole thing, completely useless, but no matter what i've used so far... nothing ahs worked." He sighed.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Lucephreros, is that you, then?," the young man asked, his voice still loud because of the spell. "I thought it was someone else, I could hardly recognize you."

He then stepped out of the brush, revealing himself as Prince Demitri Crovin, brother to the crown prince, and the leading vampire in the ways of the darkest and most evil magic. "How's it been, old friend?," he asked a bit of an evil grin playing at his lips.

"Well, have you tried using certain strains of eternal DNA?," Nyreena asked. "Maybe a certain strand may have the missing piece that you need."


Lucepheros stepped off the gravestone and landed unphased.

"Well alot has changed... yet the disappointment has yet faded," He said coldly as he walked over to greet Demitri, and as he spoke he gave Holden and Angel a piercing glare. There was also a hollow ringing, like two different entities spoke at once.

"Once again I could use your help...old friend," he admitted with a crooked smile and an out-stretched hand.

"Yes, I have tried anything, everything that I could possibly get ahold of. I have analyzed it hundreds of times. The structure of the DNA seems to point at the requirement of an unprecedented yet ancient atom that dissolves without a trace as soon as the chemicals are triggered by the contact of the capsules. They are the only ones who have it. I'm afraid you can no longer find it on Earth," Pierce informed them solumnly.

"It must be cloned...," he added to himself, though outloud, as a side note.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"In exchange for your help in my plans for what destiny has granted me?," Demitri asked. "And of course, I am intrigued by why you want my help in the first place."

"Have you tried any form of ghostly ectoplasm yet?," Nyreena inquired. "There are some that have an ancient strand that allows them to live a very long time once they have passed on form this world. And....as far as I know....I'm the last one to have it, even though I didn't pass on from this earth."


"Of course. Just like old times. I found our parting our doom the last time...let's not make the same mistake twice," he went on, "we shall resieze our destinies as we were ment to. My friend, we have done all we can but they have learned of our incapability to set foot on hallowed ground, and that sets deamons and vampires apart. I need you to do my biding where we cannot go."
He looked back at the two now standing silently at either side of his back, then he looked past Demitri to the Carliles.
"...as well as where others fail...," he added grimly.

He opened his mouth to continue but something caught his eye above.
"I have been careless...we aren't alone here."

Lucepheros watched as the white and red owl flew overhead and dropped down on the other side of a tree at the skirt of the clearing.

Chance now held the bird on her wrist while the other hand hushed it.
"You've given me away you dumb thing!" She whispered harshly.

The bird flapped noisily and twittered, dropping the little paper in her lap. Seeing the uselessness of being stealthy any longer she quickly opened it and read;

Prince Dominike Crovin

She heard footsteps now drawing close. She glanced quickly around the tree to see Holden heading toward her. She withdrew and quickly looked around for her pen.
It was useless to run but she could send Suki back. Realizing she had left her pen on the bench she bit her thumb and pressed it to the paper. She moved the bloody tip across it forming three letters.
Just then a large hand latched around her neck from around the tree pinning her to the trunk.
Suki flapped and hovered just above the tree tops.
"Go...Suki...," she managed around the strangulation. She tossed the crumpled paper into the air. Suki dove and snatched it, just before holden got his free hand on it, and bolted off for Pierce's lab.

"No...I haven't. I just haven't been able to get my hands on any...," Pierce paused, "but that doesn't explain how they have it. After all, the curse itself, like I said, requires the same DNA strand."
As he spoke he fell deeper and deeper into thought.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Of course. I, too, have heard of the the trouble that hallowed grounds causes us," Demitri replied. He, too, noticed the owl and quickly remembered about the young woman, and had to quickly reconsider a small part of his plan. "I believe that our unwanted guest has been here the entire time," he said nonchalantly.

"Then I guess we'll have to try," Nyreena said, holding up her right arm. "Take a sample of my blood. In it is the ancient strand along with a default power that all ghosts have: the ability to duplicate one's self that's the exact same as cloning."

"Whoah, hold on here," Dominike said. "Do you really want to do this? What if it doesn't work?"

"You heard what Pierce said," Nyreena replied. "And here's another thing: Long ago, the first eternal thing to be deflected by a cruxifix....was a ghost. Luckily, now, we're not affected by it anymore."


"You knew this? Yet you did nothing about her?" Lucepheros questioned irritably.

"Holden! Don't kill her...yet. In fact...bring her over here," he demanded but didn't take his eyes off of Demitri's.

Holden nodded, a low growl of disappointment sounding in his throat.
"This is your lucky day," he smirked devilishly, "or should I say... unlucky."

His grip around Chance's neck tightened making her gasp for air. He lifted her off the tree and prodded her in Lucepheros and Demitri's direction, holding both of her arms unnaturally tight behind her back.

"If it doesn't work it is one amongst so many other failed experiments...so would it really matter?...and if it does work, then that makes all the difference," Pierce said as he walked over and grabbed a brand-new syringe. He took the top off and gently grabbed and lifted Nyreena's arm, the syringe in his other hand.
He looked at her as if to ask if she was sure.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Of course I am," Nyreena replied. "And before you start, I think I'll take my 100% leather jacket and glove off."

She slipped her arm out of Pierce's hand, took off her jacket, and when she took her forearm-length glove, it revealed her biggest-kept secret: an intricately designed marking consisting of two roses on the topside and the thorned vines twisting around a medium-sized daggar that layed on the underside with the blade point touching the middle of her palm. Dominike got only a quick glance at it, and asked her, "Where did you get that?"

"What? Oh, this?," Nyreena asked, holding her hand up. "I've had it...ever since I could remember, which was a REALLY long time ago."

"Hey, I only came across her when I arrived, and just remembered her when I heard her speak," Demitri replied. "So don't give me that lip."


"What does this mean to you?" Pierce asked indicating to her marking, but before the conversation got any further there was another loud clatter at the window, signalling Suki's return, and also making Pierce jump again.
He sighed, walked over, setting the syringe down on his work bench, and slid the window open once again.

"You know, you could find a different way to tell me your here besides giving mea heart attack everytime."
He took the crumpled wad of paper out of her beak and suddenly got a very bad feeling in the pit of his stomach about the state of the paper. He stood starring at it in his hand, unsure of whether or not to open it, but he did. He felt that if he didn't the feeling inside him would implode on him.

Lucepheros held up a hand to Demitri, "Peace, peace," he chuckled, " I only jest."
He fixed his icy gaze upon Chance.
"So...," he began as he walked up to her and Holden forced her down to her knees. He looked down on her even as he held his head high. She returned his stare with one of hate and disgust.
"What shall we do with the spy?...Demitri?"

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"Interrogate her; see what she knows and why the owl went to her, with torture as needed to get the answers of her," the vampiric prince replied. "Then, if need be, kill her so that she won't go blabbing to friends."

"I honestly have no clue," Nyreena replied, looking her marking over.

When she looked at Pierce and saw the expression on his face as looked the note over, she got very concerned.

"What does it say?," Dominike asked, his expression becoming more grave by the second.


Lucepheros looked back down at her, "pity...," he began, crouching down to her level, "I would have thought it funner to just kill you," he paused in thought, "maybe that is, in fact, what we want her to do."
He returned to his feet, "As you know, Pierce has been mingling with the werewolves illegaly, that is how he was stripped of rank. She can lure her little friends out of hiding, and...well, then I wouldn't really need you then, would I Demitri?" He asked in a sly, smooth tone that was obviously retorical.

"I-I don't know."
Pierce never took his eyes off of it, "I haven't read it yet...but i'm not sure what this means..." His voice seemed to trail off with his thoughts. He opened it at last, unsure of what he would find inside, and when he did it felt like all breath had been stolen from him forever as he stared with wide, horrified eyes at the three bloody letters; SOS

TimeMaster of the Spirits

Demitri narrowed his eyes to thin slits as he glared at his old comrade. "Then that shall have to be dealt with. Anyone who mettles in the affair of enemies must be finished off before they can influence others to their cause," he growled. "A thing such as this disgusts me to the core."

Dominike went over to see what the note said and when he saw the message of help, he asked, "Who have you been communicating with?"

Nyreena also went over and saw what was written, and was instantly struck with a feeling of anguish, grief, and shock.


"Nonsense!" Lucepheros snapped, "she is no big threat, so it wouldn't really matter if she doesn't succeed... but, on the other hand, if she does..." He turned back and once again crouched face to face with Chance, who growled with fuery, "...i'll give her a bone," he joked sickly.

Chance lunged at his face as he chuckled sinisterly, making him jump backwards to narrowly avoid her long canines.
Seeing that she missed her first attempt, she spat, and this time hit her target. The wad of saliva splattered right between Lucepheros' eyes.
Chance smiled triumphantly.

Lucepheros roared and angrily whipped his face, his nose crinkled in disgust.
Holden painfully tightened his grip on her in punishment for the act, making her wince. She bit her lip to distract herself from the pain in her arms and shoulders.

Pierce's eyes saddened jurastically and he now held the paper in his fist in a near death grip.
"I wish I could tell you," he said in a tone as sad as his eyes looked, "but I must leave now... Suki, go rest you are no longer needed."
He stroked the bird's soft, feathery head and she returned his affection with her own affectionate nibble of the finger. She then turned and flew out the open window with a greatful squawk.

Pierce bowed quickly and stiffly to Dominike, "I must take my leave with much haste, I apologize for the secrecy," he told them, then went for the door.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

A few minutes after Pierce left, Dominike asked Nyreena, "You wanna go after him to see what's up?"

"I don't know," she replied, a bit of a thinking-typed expression crossing her face. "After all, it is his personal business and maybe that's why he wouldn't tell us."

"Well, I'm making it my business," he told her. "I've got a bad feeling that somehow or other, my psycho of a little brother is invovled in this. If you want to come, I'm leaving now."

As he started to leave, she replied, "I am, but I certainly don't agree with intruding on other people's business that is their own."

He only nodded once, then they both headed out the door, lucky enough to be far behind Pierce.

"Whatever you may think, I'm still going with my plan," Demitri pushed on, walking closer but not too close. "Why exactly are you working with the traitor Pierce? And you had better tell me the truth, mongrel, or else I'll have to use something you'll really don't want me to use."


Pierce was running as fast as he could, but felt as though he was getting nowhere as he was running as fast as a mere mortal. He turned a corner into an alley and jumped up on the roof of the building infront of him, landing in cat-like silence. He continued running and, in his immortal speed, was nearly taken out by a gargoyle on the next roof. At the last second, though, he managed to cling onto it's head and glide smoothly over it, then continue his treck.

"Ha! Traitor? You're one to talk!" Chance growled, "Oh... I see you're still pissing about him quitting on you and dropping you like the slime you are!"

As she spoke, her pupils narrowed into thinner and thinner slits.

Lucepheros noticed this and spoke up, "Enough. Forget the interogation and foget our plans. We must kill her now, before she changes." He demanded.

The shock of what was said made Holden loosen his grip just enough. Chance wrenched her arms free and in the same motion spun and kicked Holden in the side of the head. The smack of the connection rang out across the clearing. Holden was down to one knee, holding the side of his face.

Chance turned right into the cast-iron grip of Lucepheros. He clasped his hand around her throat. The viens around where he touched her skin began to show a dark blue, almost black.

Suddenly, Pierce burst out of the bushes at the edge of the clearing in a long jump aiming to bring one of his sai's right down on Lucepheros, but Izin darted between him and his target. He blocked Pierce's sai with one arm.
"What the?..." Pierce thought aloud, while examining the kid's arm glazed over with steel-hard ice.

Izin smirked.

Pierce yelled, distracting him just long enough to deliver a fierce hook to the face. It knocked him back into Lucepheros, causing him to loose his grip on Chance. She dropped to her knees and coughed.

TimeMaster of the Spirits

"In which I was expecting her to," Demitri told of his real plan. He then held up a black ball of dark magic, threw it at Chance which hit her head-on and said, "Shiftrato Reversin! Now she has no choice but to return to her human form and stay there."

A few minutes later, Dominike and Nyreena bursted onto the scene and were both confused and understanding at the same time. A second later, Dominike saw his brother and got mad. He stormed over to him, saying, "Demitri, what the hell are you up to this time?!"

Demitri jumped at the sound of his brother's voice, spun around and asked in his best innocent-sounding voice, "Brother! Why, how did you happen to find me here?"

"It's none of your conern," Dominike said, reaching his brother, grabbing him by the neck of his shirt and hoisting him up in the air. "What are you doing here, especially with him here? You're not trying to fulfill your impossible destiny, are you?!"

"What? Of course not! Why would I do that?," Demitri replied replied sheepishly, his nerve beginning to fail.

"Because you're losing your domineering sense of mind," Nyreena said, coming up behind Dominike. "In other words, you're lying big time."

As she came into full view, Demitri was instantly smitten by her eternal beauty. "My, brother. Who might this be?," he asked, almost breathlessly.

Instead of answering, Dominike just dropped him to the ground and moved onto the next issue that he saw out of the corner of his eye. As Demitri leaped up and shook his head to clear it, he saw Nyreena's bare hand, because she forgot to slip her glove and jacket on before leaving the lab, and recognized the intricacies of the marking. "It can't be.....," he said under his breath.


Pierce ran over and helped Chance to her feet, not taking his eyes off of Lucepheros, but at the same time not noticing the sudden disappearance of Izin.

Chance, however, noticed but too late.

Izin was next to Pierce in less than the blink of an eye. With no time to react Pierce wasn't able to block as Izin shoved a dagger, that looked as though it was made of ice, into his side.

Pierce hollered in agony, but Izin just starred up at him with a twisted smile. He mumbled something under his breath, then finally, removed it. Pierce clutched his side, but instead of feeling cold blood, he felt a cold solid patch where the dagger had stabbed him.
He was just concious enough to look down and see that the patch was of crystaline ice.

Chance caught him before he fell backward, "what did you do to him?" She demanded as she knelt with an unconcious Pierce spralled across her legs.

Izin kept smiling his poisenous smile, "you watched what I did...," he began in a sly tone, "it is a spell, called Ice Coffin. In less than twentyfour hours it will begin to strangle him, completely incasing him in this indestructable ice, until," he chuckled, "he's dead."

There was something different about this ice, however, it was red.

Izin went on, his voice turning to sarcastic sympathy, "a terrible side effect... the ice forms from his blood, if he dies before he is completely incased it probably would be due to blood loss. Which the fact that he is a vampire doesn't help what-so-ever."

He began to walk away, but stopped, "oh, and since I guess it doesn't matter... my sister is the only one who can save him...though its not like she will..." He continued walking over to his sister, a sinister chuckle following.

Lucepheros laughed heartily, "not so tough when big brother's here ay Demitri? The Demitri Crovin I once knew was more iron-willed than this cowering worm I see before me now."
He spat as though he had bitten into something rotten.

Both Izin and Fuery rejoined him, flanking him on either side.

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