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So C o l d (open)

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1 So C o l d (open) on Wed Feb 22, 2012 3:39 am


White flurries fell from the heavens above sending the land below into chaos with the heavy white sheet banking down against the earth. Limbs buckled and fell onto the sheet while others bent at the flurries mercy. Cold breeze blew through the terrain showering everything in white, no matter if it was living or not. A once green wooded area now frosted in white, everywhere. Only sight of green was the Evergreen trees who were used to the snow. Dead of winter and extremely cold freezing most mammals, except for the select few who could withstand the cold.

Bright blue eyes searched along the covered terrain from a high hill, overlooking what the female called home. Ears twitched under her hat while her arms crossed over her chest trying to keep her human-form warm, in a futile attempt. Where is everyone? The female had asked herself aloud. I came here from so far away, her thoughts began to fog her brain losing her senses, All the smells are completely different. Shaking her skull she figured she may as well take a look around since she was going to call this place home. Short legs carried her down the hill, slipping a few times, but making it down fine.

Hello? Her curious voice echoed into the woods. Ears twitched left then right listening for an answer, wondering if anyone was actually there. In a sigh she gathered firewood and clearing a space to start a fire. Suka was already good at starting fires in her human-form but she didn't need to in her second-form. I don't like becoming that beast, Suka had thought to herself many times. When her anger flew out of control she would have no choice but to turn. Younger she had no idea she could turn human, now as a teen she stayed human most of the time. Bright blue eyes took in the color of her hands, pail white, she was losing circulation. Hurrying to start the fire, her hands became warm, her face began to show color once more, she was feeling good again. Something she hadn't been in a long time. Ears still twitched listening for anyone, anything coming near.

Ooc: Open for anyone who would like to join, she is a werewolf Indigo is speech and violet are thoughts.

2 Re: So C o l d (open) on Thu Mar 01, 2012 3:52 am

Andre The Fox

{:} I'll join I'll be using Leena for this one {:}

Leena took a deep breath to inhale the fresh, clean air that a lovely winter storm gave birth to. She looked around with her piercing ice blue eyes at the thick white sheet covering the earth. She flexed her toes in the snow, her chest emitting a soft slow purr as she enjoyed the cool temperature between her toes. She kicked her feet in the snow a few times, giggled a little bit as she pictured herself playing and rolling around in it, and then set off at a slow jog into the woods from her make-shift den under a large evergreen.
As she went on her jog progressed to a run, and before she knew it she was at a full on sprint. She LOVED the snow. She felt like she was in her element, in both a literal and figurative sense. Her body had adapted to extremely low temperatures because of her affinity for ice and snow. As a result, at that precise moment she wore nothing more than her favorite blue short skirt and a strapless sports bra. It was like spring break to her, in a sense.
She continued her full on run until she reached her favorite clearing. Roughly 100 feet from the edge of this clearing was a cliff that over looked a small lake. She skid to a halt in the middle of the clearing, then flopped on her back, spread-eagled, and stared at the sky. She watched the snowflakes barrage her face, never blinking if one attacked her eye. Her chest rumbled and heaved as she both panted and purred in unison while she relaxed.

Destruction without a harness is simply destruction. Once harnessed, it becomes a weapon.

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