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I D o n t C a r e <3

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1 I D o n t C a r e <3 on Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:13 am


Name: Suka BloodClaw

Age: 18 years

Creature: Werewolf / Human

Ability/ power: Has the stealth and brains of a ninja but stronger then normal. Can heal herself/others.

History: The blood has been passed down from her grandparents to her. While a blood moon Suka was turned into a werewolf allowing her to be stronger, faster, and better then the previous generation. Finding herself within these lands she's confused on where she is and who she for the time being.

Family: Unknown

Personality: Shy and stubborn for the most part. Since she found herself in this unknown land she's going to be shy and aggressive until she can find a mate / best friend who would be willing to show her the ropes and take her around. After that she will be happy-go-lucky and cheerful with a hint of anger problems.

Somewhat like wolf form except bright blue eyes
Human form
Somewhat like human form, except white wolf-like ears hide under her hat.

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NAME: Hellbent Passion
AGE: Immortal
BREED: Dragon
COLORATION: Red fading into orange then a creamy orange for belly scales. On his back are black tiger-like stripped scales. Massive wings are red with a blue tint.
EYE COLOR: Glowing orange.
REFERENCE IMAGE(S): Ref except for much larger.
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Breaths fire, ice, and poison. Complete opposites but Hell has been around long enough to know how to control them. Also is immune to fire, ice, and poison.
PERSONALITY: Extremely rude and vulgar. Hates most, if not, everything. Though his personality will change to overly protective over his land and his mate, if he ever has one. When he's acquaintances with someone he will calm his temper and try to be nice.
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual (strait)
ALLIANCE: Somewhere between neutral and dark

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NAME: Nallouk
AGE: Unknown
BREED: Dragon
GENDER: Unknown
COLORATION: Sparkling silver scales
EYE COLOR: Bright glowing icy blue
SPECIAL ABILITIES: Controls the powers of ice, and grants wishes.
SEXUALITY(heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual): Unknown
ALLIANCE (dark, neutral, light): Unknown

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