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Bands of Color (claiming)

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1 Bands of Color (claiming) on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:03 pm


Regiment pulled himself onto the white sand beach and stood looking past the palm trees to the rolling hills covered in grasses that would come up to his chest and on the the forest that blocked the other side of the island from view of his gold eyes. A golden hoof stomped and he shook scattering water, like powdered glass, from his white coat, rainbow main and tail flying in wet clumps. The airs scent told him none but insects, birds, and deer called this place home. Turning he called to a lone figure standing on the beach of the main shore. A minute later his light pink mate was at his side.

"At last," Renaya sighed looking happily across the land. "A home for the bands."

Regiment noded then raised onto his hind legs. "I Regiment claim this land under the name of Band Leader with my mate Renaya of the red band for the bands of color!"

Remember human
We dragons live on, whether you see us or not
We are always there, waiting for you to screw up
And burn in our fire so we may reclaim what is rightly ours;
Earth and your service.


2 Re: Bands of Color (claiming) on Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:56 am


Wonderful claim, PM me with a land name <3

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