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The Bands Expand

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1 The Bands Expand on Wed Mar 21, 2012 10:17 pm



Regiment trotted onto the plain, tossing his head so his gold horn caught and reflected the sunlight. Now that he had found land it was time to build the herd. The rainbow needed to expand. As of yet him and his mate, Renaya of the red band, were the only members of Bands of Color.

The huge stallion lifted onto his back legs, golden fore hooves kicking, rainbow main flying. He snorted. He hated leaving Renaya by herself on the island but someone needed to recruit.

Remember human
We dragons live on, whether you see us or not
We are always there, waiting for you to screw up
And burn in our fire so we may reclaim what is rightly ours;
Earth and your service.


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